Instructional Assistant Professor (7/2020 — present)

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences – Chapman University

Postdoctoral Associate (6/2018 to 7/2020)

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication – Yale University

  • Involved in empirical research to advance theory and practice of climate change communication, and the factors influencing public awareness, policy preferences, and behavior.
  • Assisting with survey research, experimental design, study implementation, and data analysis (e.g., analyzing nationally representative data on public opinion).
  • Collaborating with an interdisciplinary network of researchers.

Adjunct Professor (1/2020 to 6/2020)

Research Methods in Psychology – Saddleback College

Research Consultant (12/2019 to 5/2020)

  • Assisted with a Department of Defense-funded research project examining the experiences of LGB military personnel including health/well-being, performance and combat readiness, social support, and social challenges.

Adjunct Professor (8/2019 to 12/2019)

Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology – University of La Verne

  • Appointed to teach one semester of Quantitative Research Methods to Clinical Psy.D. students, which consisted of a 75-minute lecture and 60-minute section dedicated to article discussion and in-class activities/assignments.
  • Supervised and mentored students with their research projects, literature reviews, and dissertations.
  • Topics: Clinical vs. actuarial methods; correlational and experimental research; validity and reliability; diagnostic assessment; quasi-experimental research; descriptive and inferential statistics; ethics

Project Investigator, Interviewer, Research Associate (9/2012 to 5/2018)

Institute for Research on Social Issues – Claremont Graduate University

  • Assisted with a Department of Defense-funded research project examining the experiences of LGB military personnel including health/well-being, performance and combat readiness, social support, and social challenges. Tasks included writing literature reviews, developing survey and interview materials, interviewing service members, and maintaining the website.
  • Conducted a quasi-experimental study assessing the impact of natural history museum visits on children’s connectedness to nature.
  • Conducted interviews for a project exploring the link between trauma experiences and volunteerism, as well as interviews for a study on the lives and experiences of sexual minority immigrants.
  • Experimentally studied the positive effects of nature experiences on people’s emotions, connectedness to nature and other people, and prosocial tendencies.
  • Skills developed: Experimental design; quasi-experimental design; mixed methods; interviewing; survey design; statistics

Research Associate (6/2016 to 5/2018)

Social Cognition and Interaction (SCI) Lab – Pomona College

  • Designed survey instruments and assisted students with research methods.
  • Analyzed nationally representative data on American’s climate change beliefs.
  • Conducted survey validation studies on a measure of beliefs toward diversity (as opposed to similarity and homogeneity) and its importance for effective group problem-solving.
  • Mentored students’ on their research projects and methodology.
  • Skills developed: Experimental design; survey design; statistics; literature reviews; data presentation; nationally representative data analysis

Intern (10/2015 to 4/2016; 10/2017 to 4/2018)

EMI Consulting – Riverside, CA

  • EMI Consulting is a consulting firm that evaluates and conducts research on utilities and energy efficiency programs.
  • Assisted with the development of an enhanced metric system and reporting process for a large utility company.
  • Conducted statistical analyses in R for a process evaluation of Consumers Energy’s small business energy efficiency program; also assisted with the development of presentation materials and report writing.
  • Assisted with a research project examining the energy storage market in NY State as well as an impact evaluation of NY-BEST: a consortium designed to facilitate R&D in energy storage technologies and collaborations between energy storage partners in the industry.
  • Developed training materials on interviewing and conducting qualitative research.
  • Provided insight on key concepts in research methods and statistics for internal training materials.
  • Skills developed: Process evaluation; impact evaluation; database management; R programming; statistics; content analysis; qualitative research; evaluation report writing; research methods

Teaching Assistant

Scripps College – Claremont, CA (9/2016 to 5/2017)
Pomona College – Claremont, CA (9/2016 to 12/2017)

  • Assisting with Social Psychology Lab by mentoring Pomona College students and helping with the development of course materials and grading assignments.
  • Assisted Scripps College honors students with their senior thesis projects.
  • Skills developed: Curriculum design; experimental design; quasi-experimental design; survey design; statistics

Adjunct Instructor (1/2017 to 6/2017)

California State University, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA

  • Appointed to teach Research Methods in Psychology (approximately 30 students) and direct lab to give them experience with developing and conducting a research study. Course content also included statistics and using SPSS.
  • Skills developed: Pedagogy; curriculum design; methodological theory; statistics; survey design

Statistician (5/2015 to 1/2016)

Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles, CA

  • Appointed as the statistics consultant for the evaluation of a program designed to promote services/resources use among relative caregivers.
  • Conducted analyses (e.g., multiple regression, MANCOVA, factor analysis) for their pretest-posttest waitlist control group study.
  • Skills developed: Statistics; quasi-experimental design

Evaluation Associate, Statistician (9/2014 to 8/2015)

The DBT Center – Sierra Madre, CA

  • Collaborated with a team of students to evaluate programming at The DBT Center: a private practice mental health center specializing in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).
  • Skills developed: Impact evaluation; logic modeling; capacity building; statistics; survey design

Conference Organizer Assistant (6/2015)

Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization – Pomona College

  • Assisted conference organizers in logistics and content of the conference track aimed at bridging positive psychology with conservation psychology and identifying key research directions integrating the fields.
  • Skills developed: Conference organizing

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Claremont Graduate University – Claremont, CA

  • Quantitative Content Analysis (1/2015 to 3/2015)
  • Attitudes & Social Influence (9/2014 to 12/2014)
  • Research Methods (9/2013 to 12/2013)
  • Skills developed: Methodological theory; content analysis; social psychology theory; curriculum design

Electronic Health Record Trainer (4/2012 to 8/2012)

Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center – Dearborn, MI

  • Instructed eight-hour training sessions for medical professionals on how to use electronic health records being implemented at their hospitals.
  • Skills developed: Curriculum design; pedagogy

Evaluation Assistant, AmeriCorps Member (9/2010 to 8/2011)

AmeriCorps Service at The Guidance Center – Southgate, MI

  • Assisted with the evaluation of programs to provide results for the agency, county, and state.
  • Wrote evaluation summaries and extensive reports using program impact data and comparative needs assessment data across communities.
  • Volunteered approximately 200 hours of service and helped organize service projects at over 30 non-profits/organizations in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Skills developed: Impact evaluation; needs assessment; database management

Research Assistant (9/2007 to 4/2009)

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI

  • Involved in a project on stereotype threat testing the extent to which a cognitive nature-based intervention buffers the negative effects of stereotype threat on women’s math performance.
  • Assisted with a project on sexual violence in the campus party culture by identifying relevant cultural patterns and differences in students’ sexual assault experiences across different racial/ethnic backgrounds.
  • Assisted in qualitative research on the coming-out experiences of LGBT-identified individuals in rural versus urban America.
  • Skills developed: Experimental design; content analysis; transcription


Executive Board Member – Queer Graduate Union (9/2013 to 5/2016)

Claremont Graduate University – Claremont, CA

  • Coordinated social events and presentations directed at raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Promoted a sense of community among sexual minority graduate students.
  • Skills developed: Event organization; community building

Community Building Coordinator, Workshop Peer Facilitator (9/2008 to 4/2009)

InterGroup Relations (IGR): Common Ground – University of Michigan

  • Promoted sensitivity and awareness of multicultural/social justice issues on campus by facilitating workshops on intergroup relations.
  • Offered safe spaces for multiply stigmatized individuals to discuss social issues, such as privilege and oppression.
  • Skills developed: Event organization; community building; small-group facilitation

Peer Advisor – U of M Psychology Department (1/2009 to 4/2009)

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI

  • Advised students on research opportunities, graduate school programs, personal and academic conflicts, and concentration requirements.
  • Constructed and maintained a database of undergraduate research opportunities for students.
  • Skills developed: Database management; advising

Class Facilitator – Project Outreach: Health, Illness, & Society (1/2008 to 4/2009)

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI

  • Facilitated a one-hour discussion per week on psychological and social issues related to health disparities and stigmatized populations.
  • Skills developed: Curriculum design; small-group facilitation